About Our Company

About Our Company

Diamond Engineering Services is one of the leading concrete cutting specialist. As a business, we draw on more than a decade of experience in providing solutions for the construction sector. 

About Us

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive cutting, coring and sawing services covering all the key requirements of concrete construction companies that require quick remedial solutions.

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Why Choose Us

We work to the highest safety, environmental and quality standards of the construction industry and are supported by a specialist team with a wealth of experience in problem solving

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What We Do

Diamond Core Cutting

DIAMOND ENGINEERING SERVICES offers a versatile core drilling experience to suit your needs with top of the line diamond drill bits of various sizes available.

Wall Saw Cutting

Track mounted diamond wall saws are utilized when precise, clean cut for openings in vertical and horizontal surfaces are required.

Wire Saw Cutting

Diamond wire sawing is the most efficient way to cut large odd shaped concrete structures or to cut thick walls, floors and openings with precision and with out any hammering or vibrations.

Floor Saw

This powerful petrol OR Electric powered saw cuts both large flat concrete slabs and road asphalt it is not recommended for use in doors and poor ventilated areas. Clean cut and vibration free cutting.

Concrete Demolition

We provide services in dismantling of heavy concrete structure like slabs,bridges,concrete walls Or any other concrete structure.

Chemical Anchoring

For slab extensions, wall extensions, and other general rebar doweling applications, chemical adhesive anchor systems provide a reliable solution.

Compressive Strength Test

While Rebound Hammer,and ultrasonic pulse velocity tests give indirect evidence of concrete quality, a more direct assessment on strength can be made by core sampling and testing.

Have a Large Project?

We provide  Chemical Anchoring,Compressive Strength Test,Concrete Demolition,Diamond Core Drilling / Angular Coring ,Diamond Wall Sawing,Diamond Wire Sawing and Floor Saw.